Use of Facility

Facility Rental opportunity at Every Nation AG Church!

For many years, our private facilities have been made available for churches and schools, community use, weddings, funerals, and organizations whose purposes align with the vision and mission of Every Nation AG Church.

From our location in downtown Flint, we have hosted many conferences, ceremonies, and events that contribute to the good of the community, as well as family events and celebrations.

Our auditorium seats about 300 on the main floor, and another 300 in the balcony. The platform is spacious, and our media abilities are current. We have smaller areas of various sizes as well for small groups. The fellowship hall, while serving as a warehouse for our weekly food distribution ministry, comfortably seats up to 200, and our kitchen is relatively modern. Ample parking is available on site.

To inquire about availability, conditions, responsibilities, and fees, please contact the church office at 810-234-6246 or via email at